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Winner of “Best in Health Assessments Services 2018 - United Kingdom”

2018 Global Business Insight Awards

Earn Healthy Days!

Quealth health checks are driven by world-leading algorithms 

focused around the five leading lifestyle-driven illnesses. 

Red, amber, green-rated risk factors highlight key areas for lifestyle change supported by custom advice and recommended goals.

Earn Healthy Days for positive and sustained behaviour change - driving engagement and reinforcing positive lifestyle habits.

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Quealth - Start your road to health
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Quealth can be configured to meet your needs, be it signposting to related products or services, or offering incentives and rewards for healthy scores that tie directly to your portfolio.

Quealth for Employers

The centre of your Employee Experience Hub, Quealth encourages and supports healthy lifestyles in the workplace and beyond. It can incorporate company content and messages, promoting a cohesive, positive company culture.

Quealth for Insurers

Quealth uses gamification to drive the insurance acquisition process. Clinically-validated measures accurately inform decisions and support users in long term behaviour change.

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Backed by science

Quealth is built on all the really clever stuff out of the top universities in the world. We have developed some of the world's best, clinically-validated health risk question sets and algorithms, our advice is evidence-based and our coaching uses the latest behavioural change science; ensuring you get all the best advice and guidance to achieve your health goals.

Track your progress

Sync data from activity trackers and health apps to understand how your daily lifestyle affects your Quealth Score and in turn your health and wellbeing.

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Partners and awards

Don't just take our word for it; Quealth has been recognised by people across the world who really know what they're talking about.

Digital Health Global 100 2016
Digital Health Awards Winner Fall 2016
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'Best Pick' Feb 2016

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