40 million people died from the 'Big Five' in the last year

24 million of those deaths are believed to have been preventable through simple lifestyles changes: eating more healthily, drinking less alcohol, stopping smoking, or being more active.

These are the five diseases we've set out to tackle with our clinically-validated health assessments and evidence-based health coaching.


Type 2 diabetes usually affects people over 40, but it's becoming more common in young adults, teens and children as a result of increased obesity, inactive lifestyles and unhealthy diets.


Cancer kills over 8 million people each year. Over a third of these deaths could be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes –in particular increasing physical activity, eating healthily, reducing alcohol intake and by not smoking.


Heart attacks and strokes kill more people than anything else. In fact, they killed over 14 million people globally in 2012 – almost five times more than the next leading cause of death, and it's up a huge 20% from 2000.


Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are two of the leading causes of death worldwide. They kill over three million people each year and an estimated 70 million people suffer from them today.


Dementia is a global health problem and it's on the rise. However, it’s not a natural or inevitable part of the ageing process and you can reduce your risk of developing it through leading a healthy lifestyle.