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8 Feb 2016

Six weeks in and I’m still wearing my activity monitor; go me! Apparently people give up with these things after about three months so let’s see if I’m part of the norm or more persistent than the average Joe. What’s interesting is that it’s not actually the device, the app or the interest of seeing my own activity levels that is keeping me using it, it’s the social and challenge aspect of the app that gets me every time.

“Paul Nash crushed it! That step goal didn’t even see it coming.”


11 Jan 2016

Blogging... I've never really had anything to talk 'onto the interwebs' about in the past so I guess I've never felt it was something for me.

I guess that's changed now.

I've been working for roadtohealth - the company that created Quealth - for over six years now so I've always been in the background. Over the last couple of years, I've got more involved in our 'consumer facing' stuff - our websites, our social media pages, our app; and I am now leading our marketing and PR as we start to hit the...

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