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26 May 2016

Ah Australia, the summer seems to last for half the year, the BBQ’s sizzle joyfully and the climate and diverse beauty of the country would inspire anyone to get out and exercise and be healthy, right?


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation shows Australia has jumped from fifth to fourth fattest nation in the world with 28.3% of the adult population obese. Australia is just behind the US (36.5%), Mexico (32.4%) and New Zealand (28.4%).

Obesity and lifestyle-related disease is a worldwid...

31 Mar 2016

My eyes have been opened and they are wide.

I’ve worked at Quealth for about 18 months. I am 40 (loving it by the way) and perceive myself as lucky, privileged, reasonably smart and well educated but the penny still never dropped for me until I started at Quealth.

'The sum of my daily choices equates to my life expectancy and my quality of life'.

The majority of people's daily choices will lead to a lifestyle disease. As defined by Collins English Dictionary (I always trust an English Dictionary) a...

4 Jan 2016

*Apologies for the lack of cheeriness in this post – we do however, have your best interests at heart wherever you reside in this world of ours!

Australia… the warm sun, stunning beaches and outdoor living with a climate that many sun-starved Europeans crave – but is it any healthier to live down under?

Well, the confronting stats recently released by the Australia Institute of Health and Welfare are quite revealing.

It shows the leading causes of death for both men and women in Australia – here’s...

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