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Hello and welcome to my first blog. I hope that this will be the first of many and that I won't fall off the blog bandwagon soon after I get started...

I am currently working towards a Master's degree in Health Psychology (just 7 months to go!) and am passionate about combining health prevention with digital health. I joined Quealth 8 months ago as Clinical Product Executive to support various aspects of the development and clinical validation of Quealth. I have learned lots about...

Shifting our focus and finding our feet 

You might have noticed I've been a bit poor at updating my blog (bad Alex), but it's for a good reason.

What you might not know is that we've been around since 2002. I've been working for the company behind Quealth – roadtohealth – since 2009, and boy has it changed! We used to develop ground-breaking health websites for clients (we still work with a few of them) but over the last couple of years we've shifted our focus to Quealth.

We've had a year...

16 Nov 2016

Health and lifestyle app helps Lenovo users reduce their chances of developing five biggest killer diseases

NOTTINGHAM, UK – Wednesday 16th November, 2016 – Quealth, one of the world’s most accurate predictors of cardiovascular disease, lung disease and type 2 diabetes, has been selected by the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer Lenovo to be part of its App Explorer platform.

Lenovo App Explorer is pre-installed on every new Lenovo laptop and desktop PC that uses Windows 10. Along with...

14 Nov 2016

We all know we live in a consumer culture that works most effectively by evoking feelings of dissatisfaction in us – because then we are more likely to buy their solutions.

How different is the ‘Health & Wellness’ industry?

If anyone wants to become more healthy, generally speaking creating change is most effective when it comes a place a self acceptance.

This justifies my indignation when Facebook serves me 'Skinny Minty' drink adverts with some promise to get the body I ‘deserve' (or something)....

Realistically, can anyone other than personal trainers types, keep healthy choices topping the daily priority list?

Life is fast paced. Demands on our time can cause conflict and stress. We keep pushing until our health breaks – forcing us to stop and recuperate.

How do we improve our health without it becoming yet another unchecked box on our spiralling to-do lists?

At Quealth, we know three things are critical in shortcutting to good health:

1. Make it easy and create small steps

We built...

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