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14 Nov 2016

We all know we live in a consumer culture that works most effectively by evoking feelings of dissatisfaction in us – because then we are more likely to buy their solutions.

How different is the ‘Health & Wellness’ industry?

If anyone wants to become more healthy, generally speaking creating change is most effective when it comes a place a self acceptance.

This justifies my indignation when Facebook serves me 'Skinny Minty' drink adverts with some promise to get the body I ‘deserve' (or something)....

Realistically, can anyone other than personal trainers types, keep healthy choices topping the daily priority list?

Life is fast paced. Demands on our time can cause conflict and stress. We keep pushing until our health breaks – forcing us to stop and recuperate.

How do we improve our health without it becoming yet another unchecked box on our spiralling to-do lists?

At Quealth, we know three things are critical in shortcutting to good health:

1. Make it easy and create small steps

We built...

Think back to the last time you downloaded an app.

Did you just click on the icon and hope for the best, or did you check out the developer's credentials?  

Ah, I thought not. 

You see, downloading an app is just so easy. All it takes is a quick point-and-click and, within a few seconds, you're up and running. But in our quest for convenience and instant gratification, have we inadvertently created a culture where we throw caution to the wind as to which apps we trust?  


29 Feb 2016

My feet are still feeling the effects of spending three days in Barcelona where, according to my activity tracker, I walked an average of 18,000 steps a day around Mobile World Congress (MWC), one of the largest mobile technology exhibitions on the planet.

That’s 8.5 miles a day.

Apparently, I also slept for 6 hours and 42 minutes, during which time I burnt off 42 calories and “woke up” 13 times.

Great…so what? And that’s my point. 

Wearables are a means to an end.  They measure, track and moni...

8 Feb 2016

Six weeks in and I’m still wearing my activity monitor; go me! Apparently people give up with these things after about three months so let’s see if I’m part of the norm or more persistent than the average Joe. What’s interesting is that it’s not actually the device, the app or the interest of seeing my own activity levels that is keeping me using it, it’s the social and challenge aspect of the app that gets me every time.

“Paul Nash crushed it! That step goal didn’t even see it coming.”


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