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Your blood pressure figures are an indication of how much pressure your blood is exerting against the walls of your arteries.

Blood pressure is usually represented by two figures and they indicate the highest and lowest pressure the blood exerts during the heart beat cycle.

The higher figure is known as the systolic pressure – this is the peak force the blood exerts against the artery walls when the heart contracts and pushes the next pulse of blood out through your circulation.

The lower figure is...

Okay, so if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands that joined Stoptober at the beginning of the month, you’re now half way through…

And even if you’re not – if you’re currently ‘going it alone’… how’s it feeling?

Are you going strong – hopefully! Struggling – quite possibly. Or are you already back on the ciggies..? If you are, take heart – most people who successfully stop smoking for good need a few attempts before cracking it.

Just remember that the key to going – and staying – smoke-free is m...

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