Safeguards Assessment for Employers 

The app to help you safely manage return to work through COVID19.

Distributed by leading employee health and wellbeing platform RoadtoHealth Group Ltd (RTHG), C19SAFE has been developed, reviewed and validated in collaboration with leading epidemiologists and clinicians from the Primary Care Stratified Medicine (PRISM) research group at the University of Nottingham,


The app is now available to employers across the UK and can be further enhanced by some simple technical integrations with RTHG.
C19SAFE grades each employee into one of three COVID-19 risk levels and provides employers with individual and group reports that enable them to identify who is eligible for return to the workplace and at what level of risk, providing increased clarity and making the management of employees back to the workplace more efficient.


Watch the video for details.

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"RTHG’s mission is to help people lead healthier, happier lives. With the distribution of C19SAFE we want to help organisations navigate this challenging period of assessing how and when to ensure a safe return to the workplace, and so help protect the wellbeing of their employees and minimise disruption to business continuity" 

Andy Reynolds, CEO (International) 


“C19SAFE has been clinically approved and enables remote assessment, monitoring and management of risk through mobile technology, in line with public health and government advice. It also supports our cutting-edge epidemiological research here and the Primary Care Stratified Medicine programme so we can gain valuable insights into the future management of the pandemic. C19SAFE will be a big facilitator in ensuring the safety of the workforce as we learn to live with this virus going forward.”

Stephen Weng, Professor in Integrated Epidemiology and Data Science at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham