Quealth helping people live healthier, happier lives.

Quealth will take you on a journey to help you understand your current health risks and show how small changes to your lifestyle can translate into a healthier, happier life.


Start with the Quealth assessment to get a general score and an understanding of your risks of developing ill health in the future.


Delve into the details by taking the Big Five assessments and get specific feedback on the lifestyle factors that impact your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung disease or dementia.


Feedback following each assessment is broken down into a quick and easy to read list of factors marked from low through to high risk.  Get advice on how to make small but long-lasting changes to your lifestyle.


Log lifestyle changes and see how they result in an improved score and in predicted additional “healthy days”, or disease-free life.


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"RTHG’s mission is to help people lead healthier, happier lives. Our clinically-validated 'Healthy Days tracker' allows people to tangibly understand how small, sustainable changes result in better health outcomes. Organisations can align their own strategic signposting and communications within the application, and so provide a single point of access to all wellness services."

Andy Reynolds, CEO (International)

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Track your mental wellbeing with a set of simple and easy to take assessments, or review your energy levels, alcohol intake and financial wellbeing.  Each assessment is multiple-choice and will provide clear feedback, with supporting help and advice where necessary.


Set goals based on risk factors or personal health and wellbeing objectives.  Log progress manually or through a connected fitness tracker or wearable.


See your achievements build up as you earn points and streaks, achieve badges and work through the status levels from Starter to Mover and Shaker right through to Guru.


Browse through the resources library, see the latest thoughts and opinions on mental and physical health and wellbeing in a mixture of short videos, podcasts and articles.