Can you avoid your most likely cause of death?*

*Apologies for the lack of cheeriness in this post – we do however, have your best interests at heart wherever you reside in this world of ours!

Australia… the warm sun, stunning beaches and outdoor living with a climate that many sun-starved Europeans crave – but is it any healthier to live down under?

Well, the confronting stats recently released by the Australia Institute of Health and Welfare are quite revealing.

It shows the leading causes of death for both men and women in Australia – here’s what we’ve picked up on:

  • for people aged over 45, lifestyle-driven diseases like cancer, heart disease, lung disease and dementia are the leading causes of death.

  • physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity, excess alcohol and smoking are driving up incidences of these diseases and Australian’s are falling foul of this badly.

So, with true Aussie directness… regardless of your age, consider this: your poor daily lifestyle choices can and do accumulate to significantly increase your likelihood of developing a life-threatening disease.

If you want try avoiding your most likely cause of death and bluntly, a long drawn out battle with illness, then get moving, eat your 2 and 3 servings of fruit and veg, quit the smokes, drink alcohol moderately and protect yourself from the sun.

That advice absolutely applies for Australians as much as anyone.

Read the article here.

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Jenny Henderson – Quealth Lead, Australia

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