I guess it's about time I introduced myself...

Blogging... I've never really had anything to talk 'onto the interwebs' about in the past so I guess I've never felt it was something for me.

I guess that's changed now.

I've been working for roadtohealth - the company that created Quealth - for over six years now so I've always been in the background. Over the last couple of years, I've got more involved in our 'consumer facing' stuff - our websites, our social media pages, our app; and I am now leading our marketing and PR as we start to hit the road running in 2016.

To say that we are passionate about your health is an understatement - it's what drives us at work every single day. There really are so many great health and wellness apps out there (about 165,000 actually) and a lot of them truly are amazing at what they do. I know that many of you will have a common aim with your New Year's resolutions this year and actually that most of you will have this same goal when using most of these apps - to lose weight.

And that's great; nearly 1 in 5 adults in the UK are obese and it's on the rise. With that comes a load of different health issues - high blood pressure, increased blood glucose, cholesterol, risk of heart attacks, diabetes, cancers... So to lose weight really is a great aim!

So - you've got your running app (I'd recommend MapMyRun but that's personal preference!), you've got your new activity monitor (I got a new fitbit at Christmas and I might be a little bit obsessed with it!) and you're off out for one of your 30 minute runs this week. Awesome!

The week passes and you've done your three 30 minute runs and covered about 10 miles; you've burnt about 900 calories doing so and feel great for it. You can feel that weight falling off!

But what does all that really mean? This is why we've built Quealth.

It's great to be able to track your activity and maybe even your sleep, get diet and recipe advice and see that downwards graph showing your weight. But that doesn't tell you how that activity is really affecting your health.

Quealth focuses on the five biggest health issues in the developed world - diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia and lung disease. It sounds scary but it's so important to know how your lifestyle is affecting your risk of developing any of these diseases so there's really no point in sugarcoating it...

Right now you can download Quealth for your iPhone and your Android device, answer any of our five health risk assessments and see just how healthy you are. It takes your biometrics, your family history, your environment and your lifestyle into account and gives you one simple-to-understand scoring between 1 and 100 - the higher your score, the healthier you are. Simple! You can also set your health plan - what you want to achieve with your health and how you're going to do it.

My overall Quealth score is 69.39 - not great but not bad. Anything over 60 is pretty good.

Over the next couple of months we're working hard to integrate all your favourite apps and devices into Quealth so it'll be a seamless journey: you go for a run on a regular basis, Quealth automatically knows it and updates your score and coaching advice. Cool!

So I guess this is what I'll be writing about... I want to show you how Quealth affects one of us that created it, how I live with it and how I will use technology and apps to control my health, so expect lots of writing about various apps and devices and generally about the booming mobile health market in 2016!

On that note, I've only managed about 1,300 steps today so I'd best be on my way, catch you all next month!

Alex Kühne - Head of Market Development.

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