How Australia’s unique approach to exercise is a winner!

Ah Australia, the summer seems to last for half the year, the BBQ’s sizzle joyfully and the climate and diverse beauty of the country would inspire anyone to get out and exercise and be healthy, right?


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation shows Australia has jumped from fifth to fourth fattest nation in the world with 28.3% of the adult population obese. Australia is just behind the US (36.5%), Mexico (32.4%) and New Zealand (28.4%).

Obesity and lifestyle-related disease is a worldwide epidemic that no country has effectively tackled as yet. But we do know from a growing body (pardon the pun) of evidence, that appropriate levels of exercise are integral to finding the lifestyle cure – to the lifestyle-related problems our world faces from being too sedentary and eating too much.

But what is the appropriate and optimal level of exercise for you, your body, your situation and your current state of health?

This is why we love the Australian initiative delivered by the not for profit organisation, Exercise Sports Science Australia, called ‘Exercise Right’.

If you want to discover more about the vast and diverse benefits of exercise, regardless of your current health or personal challenges you face and most importantly - discover how you exercise safely and optimally for who you are, then check out Australia’s Exercise Right Week and get informed and inspired.

Obesity and lifestyle-related diseases are both on the rise and it’s evidence-based, clinically sound initiatives like ‘Exercise Right’ that form a key part of tackling the issue and creating lifestyle change, where it is so desperately needed.

Jenny Henderson

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