Inside out – a flawed approach to good health?

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OK, I am putting it out there…

Why oh why is exercise gear so tight and shiny? And why are we so aesthetically focused on the benefits of exercise?

A toned buttock is an aesthetic outcome generally delivered by a series of healthy choices around good nutrition and activity. (Except not always. A toned body can also mask disordered eating, deprivation and body image insecurities.)

Let’s not be bothered about the fact that making healthier choices will help you avoid a life shattering diagnosis of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, dementia or lung disease. And the benefits kick in without us having the ‘perfect beach bod', whatever that is.

How did we get this critical health issue so absolutely and fundamentally inside out, arse over tit and upside down?

Freedom and good health – we only appreciate their significance when they are taken away, from us or someone we know. And, at that point, even if it’s only temporarily, we realise that a toned buttock is not what it is all about.

Because 45 people are dying every second from choosing to smoke, being inactive, eating unhealthily and drinking too much alcohol.

This is what Quealth has set out to fight.

It’s one of the many reasons why I love Quealth, it transcends the body obsessed, aesthetic approach to good health. Our motivation is not to make you look great in your shiny gym gear.

Which is why we are delighted to have met a kindred spirit in Australia - Dr Joanna McMillan (she is delightfully Scottish however).

Forget the fad diets and extreme weight loss programs. Dr Joanna, as a PhD qualified nutrition scientist, dietitian and former fitness leader has developed Get Lean as the lifestyle change solution for a healthier, happier body. Like Quealth, Get Lean is research-based and beautifully personalised.

By focusing on the 6 pillars of Get Lean – food, drink, exercise, activity, stress and sleep - built on a foundation of joy, you will learn that all of these factors affect each other and impact on your weight control, your health and your happiness.

It’s why we really rate Get Lean – it’s not a diet but a joyful and delicious way of eating, combined with an active, healthy lifestyle.

Because let’s all be more about the rosy contentment and healthy glow of a well nourished, active body and mind. That defines the rest of your life, not the shape of your bum.

Jenny Henderson

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