Is the ‘Health & Wellness’ industry actually healthy?

We all know we live in a consumer culture that works most effectively by evoking feelings of dissatisfaction in us – because then we are more likely to buy their solutions.

How different is the ‘Health & Wellness’ industry?

If anyone wants to become more healthy, generally speaking creating change is most effective when it comes a place a self acceptance.

This justifies my indignation when Facebook serves me 'Skinny Minty' drink adverts with some promise to get the body I ‘deserve' (or something). Or when I see gyms marketing themselves on before and after shots, where only one physical element of ‘good health’ is marketed – which is 'look at my beautiful bod now'.

For me, good health is no longer about aesthetics and shiny promises of how I will feel or look later. My work with Quealth has shown my that my relatively healthy daily choices see me good now and should take me well into a healthy old age.

Not only is that enough, it’s wonderfully reassuring and helps negate some of the demeaning, bodily obsessed, vanity based rubbish we’ve created in the ‘health and wellness’ industry.

There are many genuine, evidence-based health solutions out there – and as a consumer you have the power to choose wisely. So, as the world or well-meaning networks bombard you with how to improve, or be more healthy, reflect upon how you feel. If you feel a bit vulnerable and self-conscious after exposure, then it might not be the right solution for you.

– Jenny

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